Motorik für Kinder

Seit vielen Jahren beobachten wir, dass Kinder immer mehr Probleme entwickeln als Folge von:

– Übergewicht
– langem Sitzen
– Mangel an Bewegung
– mangelden Koordinationsfähigkeiten
– mangelden motorischen Fähigkeiten

We propose to help young children to develop favorably and harmoniously during their growing phase and scholarship.

But this program prepared for the children could as well be followed by their older brothers, their parents, or even better, their grandparents, as the latter do suffer from one or maybe all of the issues mentioned above. In addition, those progressively challenging activities, realized in common, could help recreate or strengthen the traditional generational relationship.

As mentioned, activities have a progressive level of difficulty in order to always maintain present an element of motivation, of challenge and the needed will to progress, to surpass oneself.

The training for children should take the form of a variety, achievable and enjoyable set of exercises.

There will be kinesiology work involving both side of the brain. Reinforcement, which will consist in a balanced, bilateral workout for all the parts involved in supporting the body. Development of the proprioception and the equilibrium is key also in this growing phase, a sixth sense involving muscle and articulation receivers measuring the movement of the different body parts between themselves. Developing the coordination with its different components of Orientation, Reaction, Differentiation, Rhythm and Equilibrium. Enhancing running abilities, including less used forms like running backwards. Applying the element of Speed with its different forms: execution of movement, reaction, action cyclical and a-cyclical.

We would propose individual, family, small groups (4) or school classes formats for a price of 50.- euro for a 1 hour period. Weekly sessions recommended