Dear Visitor,

I doubt that anyone could claim to be perfect when it it comes to playing tennis.
As tennisplayers we are constantly looking for ideas or methods that could improve our game one way or the other. Many tennisplayers trive for perfection doing whatever it takes to somehow improve their game, even if it means getting a new racket, changing the strings or the grip.

Don’t we all know that feeling of having beaten someone that until then had seemed unbeatable by us? That is probably one of the major
reasons why we go out of our way to improve even if it means just improving a little bit.

On this website we would like to share our knowledge and experience gathered over a span of more than 40 years as professional tennisplayers and coaches to help you improve your game.
Many tennisplayers sometimes overlook the abilities that they already posess, by simply applying their strengths more they could immediately see a reasonable improvement in their performance on the court.

To become a better tennisplayer we should for one recognize our strenghts and off course also those areas where we are not as solid as we would like to be. To make that next initial improvement we need to use our strenghts to our benefit and manage our weaknesses a bit better.
In other words by simply identifying our strenghts and putting theme more to use we will see significant improvements in our performances

We have to learn to use our strenghts, that we already posess, more to our advantage.

Our aim is for you to discover your strenghts, improve your weaknesses to become the player you ought to be.

Henk du Bruyn/Pierre Quaglia