Physical Conditioning

Our objective is to improve different aspects of your physical condition and as a result improve your tennis performances.

The programme is based on a 2 hours circuit, individually adjustable, starting with a “ WARMING-UP ROUTINE“and ending with “STRETCHING “exercises.

Exercise for improving “FOOTWORK” will incluse the use of ladders, rings, lines,… As well as “COORDINATION” activities using ropes and differents size, bouncing and weight balls.

REACTION” exercises will be an important component of the circuit that will help awake and sharpen your attention, focus, agility, resistance and cardio qualities.

In order to improve your inner awareness we will introduce a serie of “LOOSENING” movements and a body discovery and control routine like the “PMR (Progressive Muscular Relaxation)”.

A strong core is the foundation of well coordinated sports movements and especially in Tennis. As part of our programme time will be devoted to strenghten the core with “STATIC STABILIZATION EXERCISES“as well exercises to improve the “BALANCE” of the player all of which form important elements for good posture and better oncourt movement.

In summary this programme provides a wide range of different types of exercises that could be be carried out more frequently depending on the objectives of the player, either on or of a tennis court.